'Our company has successfully cooperated with Market Vision Ltd. for a number of years.

'Mystery Shopping executed by Market Vision has become a fast, high-quality, and effective tool for service quality management within our network of franchisers and dealerships. We use the company’s services mainly in the area of automotive sales and servicing. We recommend the company as a specialised supplier of services.'

'I would like to thank Market Vision Ltd. for excellent work in creating and executing our Mystery Shopping project in the Czech Republic.

'Our three-year cooperation is at the highest level. the professional execution and outputs of Mystery Shopping have helped us in the long term to fulfil our goals – in particular, as regards customer satisfaction.'

'Our offices for Central and Eastern Europe have cooperated with Market Vision for almost eight years.

'The high level of professionalism, including the flexible and innovative approach of our partner, is on such a level that, in addition to our cooperation in the area of Mystery Shopping, we have decided to expand our cooperation to the area of the aftersales services of our dealerships in all eight represented markets.'


'In the area of Mystery Shopping and market monitoring, Market Vision is one of the best I have ever encountered.

'With Market Vision, I can see a great effort to understand the client’s goals and to add value. the outputs of their work are in the spirit of, "What can we do better to be more pro-client?" and they do far more than simply identify where the client is going wrong – although it is important to be able to admit to one’s mistakes of course.'

'I see the advantage of Market Vision mainly in their vast experience, which means they themselves offer recommendations and propose ways of doing specific things.

'You can therefore skip the painful path of trial and error relating to how to set new measurement parameters correctly. Another advantage is their great flexibility when dealing with individual issues regarding specific Mystery Visits.'

'We have been conducting Mystery Shopping at our own and our competitor's branches. We are very satisfied with the cooperation. the agency always considers each project very carefully and looks for the most suitable way of executing the given task.

'The execution is quick and effective, with any possible non-standard situations being resolved immediately. We particularly appreciate the SPRING application as a clear way of reporting and saving individual records from realised visits.'


'We have cooperated with Market Vision for a long time now. I really appreciate their proactive and professional approach to the Mystery Shopping process as a whole.

'And I also have to mention their professional reporting.'

Hospitality & Entertainment

'We have cooperated with Market Vision in the area of Mystery Shopping for almost two years.

'Our cooperation regards the continuous monthly measuring of the level of customer service in our retail stores.'

'We particularly appreciate their high-level professionalism, high-quality online reporting, and high-level pro-client approach. I can recommend the services of Market Vision.'

'Market Vision Ltd. has carried out Mystery Shopping in our restaurants for us for a second year.

'Their SPRING application brings us the fast and clear processing of the necessary data and information, which provides us with quick feedback on the quality of the services we provide.'

'We only started cooperating with Market Vision recently. Nevertheless, they have shown us that they are true professionals in Mystery Shopping.

'Thanks to their results, we were able to analyse and improve the sale of the only original London tea in the Czech and Slovak republics, as well as our communication with customers. We were also able to better evaluate our employees.'

Luxury Gooods

'It’s been more than 2 years that Market Vision conduct visits and we are more than satisfied with their work quality. the contact is easy and professional.'


'With Market Vision, we have managed to implement regular market monitoring in our company and, in particular, launch systematic Mystery Shopping in all of the sales and information channels of our insurance company.

'As a person responsible for research and analyses, I particularly appreciate the fact that Market Vision guarantees a sophisticated system of output control, supplies the individual research constituent parts on time, participates in all personal output presentations, and offers a secure online tool for the presentation of results.'

'In our cooperation with Market Vision, they were professionalism exemplified at every moment. They managed to prepare the project and launch it exactly according to the schedule we demanded, and they subsequently delivered the results in above-standard quality."

'The insurance market is very specific. Because this market has so many highly variable products, which are very difficult to compare, we cooperate with Market Vision. We see Market Vision as an expert in competitive intelligence and Mystery Shopping projects."


'Last year, we cooperated with Market Vision Ltd. on a Mystery Shopping project in retail stores.

'Based on that cooperation, during which the company proved its professionalism, high level of service, and excellent customer service, we decided to continue this activity with Market Vision Ltd. this year.'

'Since 2009, Market Vision has realised regular Mystery Shopping projects for us, through which we obtain feedback on specific sellers and suggestions on how to develop our customer service.

'Throughout our long-term cooperation, they have demonstrated that they are true experts in this area. We can recommend them with a clean conscience.'

'Market Vision has worked for us in the area of monitoring the promotions of our competitors. They conduct this work thoroughly and exactly according to our requirements, which proves their professionalism."


'The professional and flexible approach of Market Vision significantly helps us recognise whether the internal standards of our retail network are set in such a way that the level of customer experience motivates real customers to repeatedly visit our business units.

'Research outputs are available to us quickly online, enabling us to make quick decisions.'

'We have completed our first project, and we are clear: the professionalism, speed, and personal approach of Market Vision have brought us essential improvements to services in our sales network.

'Using Market Vision’s services has been a very good investment for us. We look forward to further cooperation.'

'We started cooperating with Market Vision in 2010, when we entrusted them with a Mystery Shopping project in our network of business partners in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

'Our cooperation has remained on a professional level. We are glad to continue using Market Vision’s services.'


'Having cooperated with Market Vision for a number of years and having had previous experience with other agencies that provide Mystery Shopping, I can see the biggest benefits in their [Market Vision's] flexibility and professionalism.

'They can always fully adapt to our needs and requirements. They flexibly react during a project and come up with their own ideas. the outputs are delivered in the required quality and on time.'

'Throughout our long-term cooperation, Market Vision has proven to us that they are true experts, not only in the areas of quantitative and qualitative analysis, but also in areas that are equally important to us – Mystery Shopping and competitive intelligence.

'They execute regular monitoring of the telecommunications market for us, which we use as one of the main sources of information on the marketing activities of our competitors in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.'

'We have cooperated with Market Vision on a Mystery Shopping project for a long time, and we can definitely recommend them.

'It’s not just that basic things work – such as adherence to deadlines, the quality of recordings, and simple and available online reporting – but they can also tackle non-standard projects. We appreciate their flexibility – in both timing and approach – and their ability to come up with ideas and innovations on their own.'


'Thanks to the Market Vision application, we have a comprehensive overview of communication activities on the Czech energy market, which we previously lacked in the area of direct communication.

'We appreciate the user-friendly web application, which has extensive options for filtering in a rich archive. We are also glad that Market Vision’s team keeps developing the application and further expanding its functionality.'

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