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Listen to your customers’ voices

Get to know their wishes, then sell more to them.


Instant Feedback

The automated feedTRACK tool acquires feedback from your customers and delivers it to you in real time, in a clear and understandable form.


Business Potential

Have you made an  offer but received no feedback? Want to know what products & services they're considering? We can help you find out.


Satisfaction and Loyalty

Learn about the strong and weak points of your brand, and thus gain an  advantage over your competitors.


Employee Evaluation

Receive clear reports that identify who the master of customer care is and who needs a little help and training.

feedTRACK - intelligent customer-experience management

A clear solution featuring an  online platform

The Advantages of our Solution

We have turned our long-term experience in working with customers into a unique tool based on the latest technologies.

Simple to Set up and Carefree Operation

We ensure quick setup and flawless feedback collection and processing.

Customer Engagement and High Response Rate

We keep improving ways of approaching customers, ensuring customer engagement and a high response rate.

Practical Follow-Up Tools

Our feedTRACK solution's range of practical tools for processing customers' proposals helps you immediately start to improve customer experience.

Broad Functionality and High Flexibility

Our feedTRACK solution is a modern, flexible, and proven tool that can easily be adapted to your needs.

The Power of Experience and Continuous Innovation

Our highly experienced project team ensures that feedTRACK excels under the high demands and pressures of the modern era.

International Environment and Experience

The entire feedTRACK platform can be set in various languages and aligned with your corporate style.


NPS and NHS Measurement

Understand your customers' and employees' needs.

NPS – Net Promoter Score

Would your customers recommend you to their friends and acquaintances? Find out using NPS!

  • Simple information acquisition, sorting, and analysis
  • Data displayed to the people involved
  • Simple orientation in comments
  • Captured 'moments of truth'
  • Development monitoring and comparisons with competitors

NHS – Net Happiness Score

Do your staff conduct sales with enthusiasm? Find out using NHS!

  • the level of enthusiasm for work among service personnel
  • a similar methodology to NPS
  • Correlation with NPS
  • Suitable for Mystery Shopping projects

Customer Journey & process mapping

Get to know your customers inside out!


Online or offline, we measure customer satisfaction at each touchpoint.


We give you a sense of your customers’ needs, wishes, and expectations.


We focus on the individual parts of the entire shopping process and analyse your customers’ journeys. We increase customer lifetime value.


We map your processes from the customer's point of view and identify key points for optimisation.


Using a number of research methods, we help you to listen systematically to your customers.

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