Customer Intelligence

Imagine knowing what your customers think. And knowing it first. You recognize their wishes and you are the first one to do so. You can fulfil them and increase your sales.

Know your customers and sell more.

We understand the market, and we believe in technologies and innovation.

What are the benefits of cooperating with us?

Online surveys

whether it is a single project or continuous measurements, we offer an effective solution that saves you time and costs

Market and demand analysis

we find out information about the market and competition, measure the demand and recommend appropriate steps to consolidate your position

Satisfaction and retention

we help you determine what is important to customers, what are your strengths and where there is room for improvement

Customer experience and more recommendations

thanks to our innovative tools you can be easily connected with your customers, quickly identify problems and solve them immediately

Better relationships with business partners

we have experience in obtaining feedback from business partners, we will help you strengthen your relationships

One-to-one marketing

get to know the needs of individual customers and offer them what they need; thanks to us you will easily bring one-to-one marketing in practice

Testing of new concepts

we will verify which option under consideration has the greatest potential to reach the target group and achieve the best sales results

Employees engagement

motivated employees are the key to good customer care, give them the opportunity to express themselves and get our recommendations for next steps

User testing

thanks to an extensive database of trained co-workers we are able to provide fast and high quality testing of prototypes and new products

Analysis of transactional data

gain competitive advantage by linking information from your databases with information obtained directly from customers


Our Solutions


development of customer relationships

CX monitor

mapping of customer experiences


web portal for sharing customer experiences

Spring Tool

collection and reporting of results

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